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vegan birthday cake candles
ID#: 96286
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9:40:17 PM on 15-08-2007

Sorry if this question has been dealt with before.

Anybody know where to find small cake candles, or an alternative?

My son is turning three soon and I'd like to give him a nice traditional birthday cake.
It would be hard on him to grow up unable to blow out the candles on his cake like his friends do.

Any help greatly appreciated.

consume & die
ID#: 96295
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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11:07:51 PM on 15-08-2007
Hi Owen...there are a number of soy candle stores online, but they only seem to do bigger candles.  I remember seeing soy candles for sale at a Brisbane market I went to - perhaps they could make you some smaller birthday candles?  I'll find out the name of the market tomorrow and let you know.  
consume & die
ID#: 96392
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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11:27:11 PM on 16-08-2007
It was the North Pine Country Markets at Petrie Town.  Here's a link with some more information - including a phone number.
Perhaps you could call them and ask if they know the name of the soy candle place (sorry but I can't for the life of me remember it!).  
ID#: 96424
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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12:16:13 PM on 17-08-2007
I think the CrueltyFree Shop used to have them... but I'm not sure. Perhaps they know of a supplier...
ID#: 96512
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8:15:31 PM on 17-08-2007
thanks consume and die,

I'll try calling them I think. Those markets are a bit too far away to visit easily.

Thanks moontorch,
I'll try calling the cruelty free shop too.

ID#: 96678
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6:10:38 PM on 19-08-2007
owen please let me know if you find any! we have beeswax ones, which are waiting to be replaced as soon as i can find some good vege ones!
ID#: 97382
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9:30:33 AM on 25-08-2007
Okay so here's what I did:

I got some pure paraffin wax tea light candles and carved them with a knife until they were nice and thin. They work fine!
Okay so they're a little short, but they only have to burn for a little while.
With the leftover wax I'm going to attempt making my own candles.

Problem solved!
(Obviously my son is only three. I wouln't care to attempt this for my wife's cake!)
Kathy B
ID#: 97439
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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3:05:22 PM on 25-08-2007
Gauntface, apart from giving me a great tip for when I want birthday candles, I think that you spending so much time carving away at those tea light candles is really lovely!

I think your son is going to love them and I hope he has a beautiful birthday!

(It is the thought and effort that counts. My hubby made me a gorgeous heart shaped vegan birthday cake this year. Let's just say that nobody else saw the 'heart shape' but me..and to me it was a gorgeous heart shaped vegan birthday cake!  The best ever!!
So don't give up on the idea of using those candles for your wife's birthday just yet..)
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