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Lentils & Beans = wind
Any suggestions?
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10:09:45 PM on 22-01-2008
Hi everyone

I just love lentils and beans but because I have IBS if find that after eating them I get the most terrible wind pain ever. Does anyone know of any methods to stop this happening....any suggestions would be great.

Dark Horse

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Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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10:35:58 PM on 22-01-2008
Have you tried charcoal tablets?  Think chemists usually stock them - but I would ask your chemist if there was a remedy for the problem.  Doesn't peppermint help too?  Could be wrong.
ID#: 114325
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11:12:49 PM on 22-01-2008
make sure that you soak the beans and lentils then rinse them thoroughly before cooking them
also if using tinned beans, drain and rinse them thoroughly

there is another thread on this subject somewhere here
ID#: 114326
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11:14:43 PM on 22-01-2008
ID#: 114327
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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11:20:07 PM on 22-01-2008
Hi Meg...

Actually I was reading a new cook book today which I recieved through the association today (thanks Dark Horse,) it is titled Wild Morsels and it has a lot of reasons as to why these lentils and beans cause flatulance...

The paragraph relating to flatulance is this... I do hope it's okay to quote this, I think it's quite helpful...

An excerpt which relates to cooking your own dried beans, not the tinned kind...

I have provided directions for soaked beans beacuse soaking them will not only reduce cooking time, but also remove a lot of the indigestible element of the bean associated with flatulence.  Another way of reduing the flatulent effect of beans is to add spinach, kale or a seaweed such Kombu, to the recipe, the Kombu can be obtained from health shops...

Maybe this bit of info will help, I hope so...

But charcoal tablets are very good as well...but either way with me, nothing stops my flatulence, I'm a household name in all West Ozzie homes, I am renoun for my flatulance, ooops sorry DH, I know I shouldn't talk proudly about this, but it's a record I hold, ouch!!
ID#: 114330
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11:50:24 PM on 22-01-2008
..But charcoal tablets are very good as well...but either way with me, nothing stops my flatulence, I'm a household name in all West Ozzie homes, I am renoun for my flatulance, ooops sorry DH, I know I shouldn't talk proudly about this, but it's a record I hold, ouch!!...

So, cows, chickens and the other assorted farm yard animals aren't to blame for global warming..

Its you! :P
ID#: 114340
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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7:54:34 AM on 23-01-2008
Hi Meg, I feel your pain (literally). I have IBS too and mine HATES beans, it not only gives me wind but if I eat more than a third of a tin I'm in trouble the next morning (I'm sure you know what I mean :() It's too bad, because I LOVE beans.

Firstly what I have found is if I take a veggie capped digestive enzyme from the health food store before I eat a meal of beans/lentils/split peas it helps. Not completely but it helps.

Secondly, if you cook the beans yourself, soak them for the longest time possible with a strip of Kombu (seaweed you can get at the supermarket in the Asian section or at asian grocery stores).

If you buy tinned beans, rinse them REALLY well or buy Eden Organics brand (some of them are at coles, some at Supabarn and some organic stores carry them). They are cooked with Kombu and it's listed in the ingredients.

Charcoal can help, most of the time it doesn't do a lot for me, but sometimes it helps (but it can also cause constipation so be careful with it!).

ALWAYS eat your beans with rice/bread/some type of binding food and eat most of that before you start the bean section.

I find this handy: Here is a flatulence rating for beans from the highest gas-producing to the least:

1. soybeans
2. pink beans
3. black beans
4. pinto beans
5. small white beans
6. great northern beans
7. baby lima beans
8. chick peas
9. large lima beans
10. black-eyed peas.

Reactions may vary according to intestinal length. I got this from here:

Black turtle beans seem to sit the best with me however, red beans are next, then cannelini/butter beans and chickpeas cause me massive problems with only small amounts, if you can learn which one's bother you the most, just use the one's that don't.

That's about it really. If I'm already feeling dodgy it's not a night to eat beans :P Lentils don't bother me nearly so much and the red split one's bother me even less and split peas less again. I also have less trouble with them in burger pattie form, probably because they're mixed with rice and other veggies and I don't get quite so many of them.

Sorry I've gone on so much (I've been experimenting with this for over a year now). Hope some of it helps you! I still have problems with them though, the only REAL solution is not to eat them :(
ID#: 114343
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8:13:22 AM on 23-01-2008
An Indian friend of mine that is a brilliant cook told me that when you make beans it is essential that you scoop the white froth that forms when you are cooking them. It forms on top of the water and if you don't scoop it off it mixes in with the beans and the Indians believe it causes bad wind!!
ID#: 114348
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9:57:32 AM on 23-01-2008
Thanks everyone for your wonderful advice I really appeciate it and will try some of these techniques. I have a feeling though that because of my crazy guts I might just have to accept my fate and give up me beans :-]
ID#: 114350
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10:06:11 AM on 23-01-2008
Hey Wildtigercubs

Thanks for your advice that was really great. I was just wondering how you manage your IBS on a vegetarian/vegan diet? I am trying so hard to follow a strict diet but finding beans/legumes cause me such pain I really don't know how else to get my protein. I apparently also have allergies to diary so I have cut that out but I wonder if soy milk is a problem!!

Also, if I think of anything that seems to work for me (still looking) I will let you know. It is such an awful disorder IBS isn't it!!!! and can really stuff up your quality of life at times :-}

ID#: 114357
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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11:01:35 AM on 23-01-2008
No Toad, it's lilfairywren, sorry the blame lays soley on others...
ID#: 114359
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11:07:26 AM on 23-01-2008
Hi M&M, Have you tried sprouting lentils and beans instead of eating them cooked?
ID#: 114367
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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11:54:33 AM on 23-01-2008
M&M I'll send you a PM in a tic :D Just have to put some music on an MP3 player for my daughter.
Naomi Marshman
ID#: 149403
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7:32:01 PM on 11-08-2009
Hi Meg and Mindy,

I too suffer IBS and a naturopath put me onto Calcium and Magnesium tablets, I use the Natures Own brand, it also includes Vitamin D. I have found this invaluable for my IBS and can relax when out and about not having to worry all the time there is a toilet at my beck and call, Im sure you know what I mean. But apparently every woman from the age of starting to menstruate should be on these, IBS or not..Also I found a recipe with a helpful tip for flatulance when eating lentils, beans etc, add some ginger, I havent tried it yet but this person sweared by it, good luck.
I hope you get this message as I realise your query is quite old now. Cheers Naomi
ID#: 149404
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7:42:09 PM on 11-08-2009
Also Homeopathic Carbo Veg is very good for flatulence.
ID#: 149423
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9:52:10 AM on 12-08-2009
Naomi, I'm still here (it's wildtigercubs, just a new name). Thank you for that info. I had heard that before. My problem is I swing wildly between the 2 types of IBS so those supplements tend to stop up the works (sorry everyone! WAY too much information there!)

Leenie, what is Carbo Veg if you don't mind me asking?
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