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Aldi's now selling tofu
ID#: 114838
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10:09:13 AM on 28-01-2008
Just thought some of you might be interested that Aldi's now sells tofu - firm and silken.  I used the silken this morning in some vegie burgers and it is lovely.  They both cost aroudn $1.30 for 300g.

Also for those that still eat dairy - Coles brand shredded Mozzorella is animal rennet free!
ID#: 114945
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11:49:01 AM on 29-01-2008
$1.30 are you sure? so cheap! How does it compere to the asian supermarket tofu? (their the best)
ID#: 114982
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2:23:18 PM on 29-01-2008
Really good stuff!  I'll double check the price but I know I was shocked and had to try it when I saw the price.  I do not normally like silken tofu but theirs was really good.

I've been put off abit by asian supermarkets.  I bought up heaps awhile back having a great time picking up heaps of different vegie items.  But when I tried them I had 3 products that were off in the one shopping.  And when I mean off they were mouldy but I didn't notice as they were marinated and it was when I bit into it that I got the worst taste ever.  One product was a frozen one which had mould on it.  I haven't been game to go back.  Perhaps it was just that supermarket.  I used to buy from china town years ago but I live too far away now.

I'll get back to you on the price this week sometime.
ID#: 114983
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2:24:28 PM on 29-01-2008
That's great, because Aldi likes to sell things that are guaranteed to go, right? Must mean there's a significant demand!
ID#: 114990
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3:39:16 PM on 29-01-2008
I bought Aldi's tofu and it's good! Aldi also sells marinated olives, sundried tomatoes in oil and marinated artichokes.
ID#: 114993
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3:44:50 PM on 29-01-2008
ID#: 115561
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8:23:15 AM on 03-02-2008
Okay - I bought some more yesterday so I can make more of that yummy choc tart from Wild Morsels cookbook.  It is defianetly $1.29 for 300g whether buying the silken or firm tofu.
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