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Is it vegan?
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2:25:00 PM on 13-05-2008
I am considering selling Herbalife products to help me financially while I’m studying but only if the products are vegan. Can anyone help me?
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2:36:59 PM on 13-05-2008
I did a search on "herbalife vegan" and nothing came up with both in the same sentence.
This link might interest you.

Herbalife Australian Distributor
if you click on Contact, there is a space for you to put your comment.
Judging by a quick perusal of their products, I'd think they might not be vegan, but ya never know.

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2:01:26 PM on 14-05-2008
No, they aren't vegan. I used their products years ago to lose weight and the person I was dealing with had to give me a "vegan version" of the weight loss plan, which was different to what she would give to her regular clients. (The meal replacement shakes contained milk products). I didn't think much of it either. It did make me lose weight, but only because of diarrhea.
ID#: 123404
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1:02:37 PM on 15-05-2008
Hi Millar,

I would urge caution & research before joining any MLM (multi level marketing - aka pyramid selling) scam. Whoops, I mean scheme.
Unscrupulous companies have found a clever way of making money from those that they should be paying a wage to. In essence it means you are paying the company for the priveledge to be a sales rep (or 'authorised distributor') rather than them paying you for your time etc (the way 'normal' business works). Just remember, you don't pay companies to be their sales rep, they pay you.
You can buy into an MLM by ordering a few hundred dollars worth of product, and studies have shown that that initial purchase is all that 98% of MLM participants will ever make. With this payment, you now call yourself an independent distributor, and you go forth and try to sell those products to recoup your purchase price & also hope to get other people to be distributors beneath you. Few people sit down to actually do the math, if even one line of distributors from one MLM program was successful in getting 5 people at each of 15 levels, this would have required the participation of more human beings than have ever existed on our planet. This is not a business opportunity, this is a cleverly marketed ruse to trick people into buying a cheap product at an outrageous price, by claiming that they're buying not just a product, but also an 'opportunity'. I could go on & on about Amway (It's not a cult. It's not a religion. It's something called Amway), Herbalife ('Lose cash now. Ask me how') & others but I'll leave it to you to research & besides, I'm off to my (recently purchased over a free lunch with gift) bargain timeshare condominium!
Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Having said that however, good luck with your venture if you do decide to go for it...
ID#: 123421
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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8:01:32 PM on 15-05-2008
Whilst I don't consider that MLM is a 'scam', certainly one has to be a certain type of person and be prepared to invest a reasonable amount of time and effort into it. That small percentage that 'goes hard' at it makes money, the vast majority don't, either because it takes too makes time, or they don't have the salesman type personality that you need to push these sorts of products.
MY OH loves all these sorts of things, the only one I could find that didn't seen to have animal products in it was Reliv, but then again I didn't look at all the products. The OH also says Reliv was the best he ever used (and he's used pretty much everything!)  Also Neways are pretty good but some of the products do contain milk.
ID#: 123460
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10:41:01 AM on 16-05-2008
I know Arbonne are definitely vegan and they are sold in a similar way to Amway and Herbalife etc. You could look into this perhaps.
ID#: 123516
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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9:43:41 AM on 17-05-2008
Hey Millar, while I agree with vegout that many many people don't earn a cent from MLM, that has a lot to do with the person rather than the scheme/scam.

I personally know a few people who have made a huge success of MLM, however, unlike most people who get involved for quick cash while studying, they saw it as a business and put a huge amount of time and effort into setting it up. They were already running another business, and so knew how much effort it would really take.

I have other friends who got involved, were completely sold on this idea they were going to be swimming in cash very soon, and so went berserk with their credit cards. You see, this was "dream building" and would help to focus them to get the work done..... I believe they are still paying it off.

Others made a modest amount of money for a short period of time. They were the ones who did the product sales and parties, and didn't bother with building a network of people.

Unless you are tremendously motivated, you will probably earn more working as a checkout chick.

Personally, I'm thinking of starting up a Ponzi Scheme ;o)
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