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Non Leather Riding Crop
Don't worry, I won't be hitting any animals!
Ink Devotchkin
ID#: 124178
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9:50:06 AM on 30-05-2008

It's just a prop for a burlesque show...

I can't seem to find one online.
I remember there used to be a site for vegan fetish wear, but it's vanished.

If anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated.

ID#: 124193
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12:59:25 PM on 30-05-2008
your best bet would probably be to check out some adult stores, they sell whips and riding crop type things. don't know if you'll find exactly what your looking for, but most do say if they are synthetic or leather.
good luck :)
ID#: 124236
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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10:32:36 AM on 31-05-2008
about a year ago, we went on an "adventure" into the adult shop near the corner of elizabeth and albert streets in the city (near the army disposal place) (OKay - we were lookign for stuff for a hen's night, that is all!!! hahaha) and i saw a crop that was marked as synthetic (reason i remember was someone made a joke of how a vegan could still have a leather-type fetish... and it went on to "would it be called a plether-fetish??" etc... anyway... i digress...) It was a while ago, but I've seen something before. Let us know if you have any luck, and also of any interesting stories that crop up along the way :P hahahaha

(it's always fun taking someone in who's never been in before...isn't it!!!! hehehe!)
ID#: 124276
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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11:47:40 AM on 01-06-2008
I think you will find that if you go into any horsey shop, such as 'Horseland' you will find a non leather riding crop.  Most riding equipment is now available in synthetic rather than leather.  I have 2 riding crops and one long training whip (don't worry, they never come into contact with the horses body!!!) and all are synthetic.
Ink Devotchkin
ID#: 124321
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12:13:30 PM on 02-06-2008
thank you all!

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