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Woolworths Select Worcestershire Sauce
is vegan!
ID#: 132462
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6:38:33 PM on 12-11-2008
Having read the ingredients of the Woolworths Select Worcestershire Sauce, I was pretty sure there was no anchovies. It did contain "Worcestershire Sauce Powder" though, so I wrote to them and asked them if it contained fish.

The response:

I am writing regarding your recent question regarding the Woolworths Select Worcestershire Sauce.  We are the supplier of the product for Woolworths.

Please be advised that Worcestershire Sauce Powder contains no fish and no other animal products. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

We trust that you will continue to enjoy the products in the Woolworths Select range.

Kind regards,

Arran Green

The Green Group
10 Cassola Place
Penrith NSW 2750

Awesome! Easily available vegan worcestershire sauce!
ID#: 132465
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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7:02:39 PM on 12-11-2008
Excellent. I usually buy the Melrose one. I love it in scrambled tofu.
ID#: 132469
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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7:22:26 PM on 12-11-2008
I'm pretty sure You'll Love Coles' own brand is too.

ID#: 132491
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8:33:45 AM on 13-11-2008
Thanks for that info, the one I usually buy has been discontinued at our woolies and i checked the select one last week, but put it back after reading the worcestershire powder bit.

So thanks!
ID#: 132496
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9:38:28 AM on 13-11-2008
Coles sells a vegan worcestershire sauce -Spring Gully I think it is. For the times you don't want to put more cash in Coles' pockets. That brand is marked vegan, I am pretty sure it's Australian made and it is way better than what I remembered worcestershire sauce tasted like. The stuff I remembered was gross...
ID#: 132568
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3:53:13 PM on 14-11-2008
I buy the Spring Gully worcestshire sauce and I think it is the best I have tasted. I like it.
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