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Myth Busted: Hitler Was Not a Vegetarian
ID#: 134904
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7:12:06 PM on 29-12-2008
(NaturalNews) It's common knowledge that Hitler was a vegetarian. Just ask anybody: They'll tell you so. Trouble is, the assumption is false. Hitler wasn't a vegetarian at all. Consider the historical facts:

• Biographers who wrote about Hitler (and who knew him quite well on a personal basis) openly describe his love for Bavarian sausages and game pie ("game" meaning wild meat from birds and other creatures).

• Hitler's own chef openly talked about Hitler's love for stuffed pigeon.

• In none of Hitler's speeches or writing did Hitler state he was a vegetarian or speak in favor of vegetarianism.

• Hitler was regularly given injections of a protein serum made from the testicles of a bull -- not exactly a treatment that would be tolerated by vegetarians.

• None of Hitler's lieutenants were vegetarians, nor was vegetarianism promoted in any way in the Nazi party.

In fact, Hitler suffered from severe flatulence (where do you think the idea for the gas chambers came from?) and was advised by doctors to follow a vegetarian diet from time to time in order to calm the gas attacks. This is probably where the myth about Hitler being a vegetarian first originated. No doubt his lieutenants wanted Hitler to be a vegetarian; especially the ones seated closest to him at the dinner table.

To read the entire article go here:
ID#: 134906
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7:35:52 PM on 29-12-2008
Hitler was never vegetarian. I actually thought that was common knowledge by now.

Something I wrote back in 2005

Hitler had a fondness for ham, i.e. pig flesh. This was reported , for example, in the May 30, 1937 Sunday magazine edition of the New York Times,
in a series called At Home with the Fuhrer. The same article called Hitler a vegetarian. At the time, that word often indicated  an avoidance of red meat, and that is how the Times used the word.
ID#: 134907
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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9:07:51 PM on 29-12-2008
Who cares?

Vegetarianism wasn't responsible for his crimes.

ID#: 134908
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10:24:23 PM on 29-12-2008
Ailuophile said:  â€œHitler was never vegetarian. I actually thought that was common knowledge by now.”

Perhaps among vegetarians but a search of the internet will show that the debate is far from over.  Here is one:

Wikipedia: Vegetarianism of Adolf Hitler

Steve said:  â€œWho cares?”

Those who oppose vegetarianism do.  Here is an example:
ID#: 134913
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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7:48:33 AM on 30-12-2008
That's as nonsensical as saying

P1. Hitler was a speed reader.
C.  All speed reader as pathological murderers.

The way to address nonsense is not to argue with straw men, but to uncover logical fallacy.

ID#: 134928
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11:12:12 AM on 30-12-2008
I think that so long as you have vegetarians making claims like this:

An Open Letter from PeTA to Sheriff

Veganism Promotes Non-Violence

Vegetarians (scroll down to “NONVIOLENCE AND HEALTH”)

Reasons Why People Become Vegetarian (scroll down to Religious restrictions”)

You will have others making claims like this to counter them:

Hitler the vegetarian loved animals

This is how they look at the claim that vegetarians are non-violent or that vegetarianism promotes non-violence:

- Vegetarians are non-violent
- Hitler was a vegetarian
- Therefore Hitler was non-violent

They will point out the logical fallacy here (Hitler was violent).

Vegetarians are always waving the non-violence flag around (and rightly so in my opinion).

If Hitler was not a practicing vegetarian then what is wrong with setting the record straight?
ID#: 134931
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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12:35:58 PM on 30-12-2008
Even if he was a vegetarian he still could of been motivated by health reasons alone, anyhow there is nothing wrong with setting the record straight, all knowledge is valuable.
ID#: 134936
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1:54:06 PM on 30-12-2008
I do think that being a long term vegetarian may make you less prone to violence (read some studies about it) and if Hitler was a vegetarian he is one of the exceptions.  And I’m sure he’s not the only one either.  

Some argue that it is the other way around; people who are less violent are more likely to go vegetarian, which may be true much of the time, but the test in prisons and research also seem to show that violent people who go on a vegetarian diet loose some of those violent tendencies.
ID#: 134953
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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8:26:05 PM on 30-12-2008
Hitler was also not German - just thought I'd remind everyone of that as it also seems to be a common misconception!
ID#: 134963
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5:29:56 AM on 31-12-2008
The problem is that Hitler could not have carried out such destruction without the public turning a blind eye and others actually helping. There were so many social problems at the time, high inflation, etc and when the problems of society start mounting we look for a scape goat. Hitler was great at oratory and stirred up hate towards scape goats. But he was supported by many.
ID#: 135100
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4:21:48 PM on 02-01-2009
wow, how wacky is that vegetarians-are-evil site?
ID#: 135109
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7:15:47 PM on 02-01-2009
Yes, you’ve got to wonder about someone who would put together a site like that.
ID#: 135110
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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7:28:19 PM on 02-01-2009
ailuophile - we dont often hear about the people who refused to turn a blind eye to what was happening, because they were also killed.. the US and UK (and allies) did also in fact turn a blind eye for the first few years of the war but did so due to greed and apathy (not like the locals there who had to do it to survive).

Some clubs in places such as the US still refuse membership to the Jewish - hypcritical huh!?
ID#: 135114
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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8:09:45 PM on 02-01-2009

For those interested in history, a documentary on Hitler's family is on SBS tonight at 8:30PM
Cognitive Surplus
ID#: 135678
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9:43:19 PM on 11-01-2009
My understanding was that Hitler had gastric problems later in life. So, while he enjoyed meat, he rarely ate it.

Be cautious reading primary sources about what Hitler's chef cooked for him. The chef would cook for Hitler and whoever he was with. So just because the chef was cooking meat doesn't mean Adolf was the one eating it.

I think Hitler's animal protection legislation is a more amusing example. Regardless of what PETA claims.

ID#: 135698
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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1:10:53 AM on 12-01-2009
If hitler didnt eat meat at certain stages he was vegetarian.
At the very least he gave vegetarianisim a few shots.
At the very most he was a vegetarian who had a few weak moments where he would eat meat.

A more scary though.... Stalin ate meat!!!!
ID#: 135766
Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland member
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8:24:04 PM on 12-01-2009
Yes, Stalin ate meat. As did Chairman Mao. And both of them were responsible for many, many times more deaths than Hitler and Pol Pot put together.  
Pol Pot and Hitler are the ones constantly referred to by those with a barrow to push because they are the only so called "vegetarian" dictators known.  And of course Hitler was no more a vegetarian than he was a teetotaller, although he liked to say he was both. He liked to play the part of the ascetic, thought it would make him appear superior.  I have met plenty of fish eating and chicken eating "vegetarians" in my time. Hitler was a liver dumpling and squab eating "vegetarian".
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